What is JCHTML5?

The JCHTML5 framework is a GameMaker: Studio project file that implements a long list of features that are common in HTML5 games or required by sponsors when licensing your games. 

Using the JCHTML5 framework , you can make professional looking games, fast! The amount of functionality provided by JCHTML5 is far greater than any other GameMaker HTML5 framework currently available. JCHTML5 is also optimized for both mobile and desktop HTML5 games.

Included is a 15+ page manual that has step by step tutorials and explains all the features in more detail, as well as a FAQ and 'Getting Started' document.

Start your games half finished. Start with JCHTML5.

Make money doing what you love

There are many developers making thousands of dollars per month (or more) simply by selling licenses for their small HTML5 games. Sponsors need these games on their websites in order to maintain traffic and boost advertisement revenue. Sponsors require certain functionality from your HTML5 games. This differs from sponsor to sponsor, but can include the following:
  • Hides elements like the address bar on iOS and Android devices
  • Optimized for phones, tablets and/or desktops
  • Works in fullscreen (no URL bar or black borders visible)
  • Automatically scales to different resolutions
  • Handles device rotation
  • Localization (from an external file)
  • Ads (for revenue share deals)
These features can be a huge pain to design, implement and test (believe me). The JCHTML5 framework implements all these features and more, and lets you concentrate on the fun things - making the game! Take the hassle out of HTML5! Gravipop, my first HTML5 game made with 12 total hours of work, made $400 within the first week. I couldn't believe it at first! There's no reason why you can't do the same.

Download JCHTML5 Basic for free!

  • Sizes the screen (5 modes, portrait and landscape)
  • Handles Device Rotation
  • Hides UI elements
  • Has a custom loading bar (with image)
  • Locks your game to certain domains
  • Includes a template sponsor splash screen
  • Limited technical support


JCHTML5 Pro contains all the features you see below.

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Now only $49.99


More features than any other GameMaker HTML5 framework currently available

Screen Sizing

Change between 5 different screen sizing modes on the fly. Set different screen sizing modes for different platforms. Built to support the use of views.

Rotation Handling

Automagically handles the orientation changes for mobile devices. Easily change the message to your liking.

Hides UI elements

Remove browser UI elements on Android and iOS.

Custom Loading Bar

Nothing says 'This wasn't made with GameMaker: Studio' better than a custom and easily configurable loading bar! Match the loading bar to the style of your game for that extra-professional look.

Sponsor Splash Screen

A feature often requested by sponsors. JCHTML5 makes this even easier by including a template. Simply replace the image and your custom branding is done!

Domain Lock

Prevent unauthorized websites from hosting your HTML5 game

Ad system (Pro)

Display a banner or wall ad with a single line of code. JCHTML5 uses Leadbolt Ads, however advanced users can easily implement other services. Full tutorial for setting up Leadbolt is included.

Multi-touch Integration (Pro)

Pinch, drag and rotate! GameMaker: Studios multi-touch functionality is implemented for you. 

Favicon Generator (Pro)

Generate a full folder of favicons by dragging an image into a window. The JCHTML Favicon generator automatically names all the favicons, so all you need to do is move a folder. Too easy!

Tilt extension (Pro)

Create parallax effects in your mobile games (sponsors love this), or use tilt as a control

Button System (Pro)

A full-feature button system that works seamlessly on mobiles and desktops. Create great looking buttons with ease.

Menu System (Pro)

Menu system built alongside the button system. Create great looking menus with enter and exit animations.

Easy saving and loading (Pro)

Get and set data to .inis, cookies or local storage, with one line of code! JCHTML5 decides what to use

JCHTML5 Extension (Pro)

Various functions to change elements of your web page using GML. Change the title of your page, or the background colour, in-game.

Localization System (Pro)

Give your games multiple languages using the localization system. This feature is requested by some of the higher paying sponsors. 

Mobile / Desktop only

Stop your game from running on mobiles or desktops

Windows compatible

JCHTML5 games can be tested and exported as Windows games. Everything is cross-platform



The JCHTML5 framework requires GameMaker: Studio HTML5 export or Master Collection.

By purchasing a Basic or Pro license of the JCHTML5 framework, you agree to the terms and conditions 

A percentage of your purchase will be donated to @Stephen Loney to support development of his Tween GMS Engine, which is built into JCHTML5 Pro. The total amount donated so far is $155!

JCHTML5 Pro contains all the features you see above. You also get free technical support for any questions you might have.

For a limited time, JCHTML5 is 50% off! Now only $49.99